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Meet Arina

Arina Suld is an entrepreneur, author, yoga and meditation teacher, holistic nutritionist, alternative healing therapist and Women’s Inner Power and Mindset Coach. She has discovered that her purpose in life is connecting with women and helping them to move forward to obtain all of their dreams and desires, personally and professionally.  She inspires women to discover their authentic selves, uncover their inner power and create life of their dreams. Her work is her passion and her passion is guiding women in making profound changes in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life that aligns and harmonizes their well-being.


Her key to successful women’s coaching lies in building strong connection with every woman on a personal level and creating a unique and truly inspiring partnership that inspires and motivates, and brings priceless results that speak for themselves.



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Don’t know what to do with your life? Feeling stuck and weakened of your uncertain existence? Arina empowers you to embark on a journey of self discovery and reveal your life purpose.


  • Create abundance in your life
  • Boost your creativity and sexual energy levels
  • Fulfill your biggest dreams and deepest desires
  • Run your own business with passion and joy


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Holistic Life Strategist & Success Mindset Coach

Born in Estonia, traveled the world, now based in Ireland Arina is known as a Holistic Life and Women’s Inner Power and Mindset Coach. For the past 7 years she has taken women on an adventure to their full exposure to success and thought them to find and become their true potential in life.

E-RYT 500 Yoga & Meditation Teacher

As yoga has proved to be Arina’s most powerful tool for transformation, she decided to go in depth of self discovery process and embark on spiritual and physical journey of becoming a yoga teacher. After completing RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2012 she continued to evolve and teach yoga as a guest teacher in most luxurious resorts in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thai. That was incredible experience and got her to dive even deeper. Soon she completed RYT300 and continued her career as an aspiring Yoga Teacher and Holistic Yoga Educator. Running yoga classes, organizing yoga retreats and finding herself more in leading holistic life transformation role, she soon decided to create Women’s Inner Power and Mindset Coaching that we know today.

Alternative Healing Therapist

Arina has always been keenly connected to energy healing and spirituality. She started her journey in energy healing 10 years ago when she was introduced to power of Reiki. After completing first level, she soon completed the second and soon, while back in Malaysia, became a Reiki Master. In addition to Reiki, Arina is also active in conducting Hypnotherapy and Holistic Massage therapies.

Holistic Nutritionist

Back in her early 20’s while still in Estonia and working as a wellness and personal trainer, she discovered her passion for counseling people on healthy nutrition topics and decided to learn it on a professional level by attending nutritionist therapist school. Actively helping people to overcome their body weight issues by assigning them training programs and minding their nutrition, she became expert in her field, that she now applies to her coaching. Being passionate about health, nutrition and fitness she has also published a comprehensive and helpful nutrition book “Diet is not the only solution” – translated from Estonian language in 2008 whilst running her career as a wellness and personal coach.

Wellness & Personal Trainer

Arina started her Wellness and Personal Trainer career as a certified Aerobic Instructor back in 2006. Following her heart’s wish she continued her studies as an aspiring wellness trainer and soon became a personal trainer. Being passionate about her work she wanted to evolve and started her journey in body & mind training by completing Pilates Teacher Course. In a year of teaching Pilates classes she came to understand that holistic training method is what she needs for her development and begun her path as a yoga and meditation teacher. Her wellness & personal trainer knowledge and experience has proven to be very beneficial in coaching process mainly because of her expertise in helping people train smart and achieve lasting results that speak for themselves.