Mokshala | Managing stress with your food
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Managing stress with your food

Managing stress with your food

You can’t do much good cutting out the stress that threatens your mental state if you aren’t committed to good health, and you’re going to have a very hard time achieving good health if your diet isn’t good. If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes to look through Chapters 6 and 7 so you can understand what you need to include in your diet to give yourself the best possible foundation for health. It all starts with your diet.

In addition to the general food choices and eating behaviors I will describe in my next posts, you really want to focus on a few diet specifics in order to reduce the stress you’re putting on your body and mind. In particular,

Don’t eat anything white
That includes sugar, sugar substitutes, and flour, for starters. Cauliflower is an exception.

Avoid processed foods
Processed foods are lousy with toxins, and they don’t provide you with any of the nutrients your body really needs. Be sure to read food labels and don’t eat anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Cut out the trans fats
This step is critical in any healthy, detoxified diet.

Go Vegan
All you need in your daily life is energy and there´s no better way to get your energy rather than from natural plant- based diet! Yes, you heard me! And I mean it. Going Vegan will change your life forever and that change will serve beneficially each and every aspect of your life. And I am not talking about lowering your stress levels. All aspects of your life – your thoughts, your words, social behavior, physical and emotional health, your body …

Making changes ain´t simple thing to do and that´s exactly why we need to make some distinguishing rearrangements in order to become the change we so eagerly wish to see in ourselves.