Mokshala | Establishing Mindfulness Routine
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Establishing Mindfulness Routine

Establishing Mindfulness Routine

Learning a new language takes time, effort and patience. Practicing Mindfulness requires pretty much the same effort. You need to dedicate yourself, and at the same time not expect rapid progress. You try to practise regularly, preferably daily. You can learn the language by using CDs, books, television programmes, videos, websites, or in person through a teacher – whatever way best suits your lifestyle and learning methods. Practising meditation has some similarities. You can begin in many different ways, as long as you practise regularly and with a certain commitment and the right attitude and intention (refer to Chapters 4 and 5 for more about nurturing your attitudes and intention). If you find committing yourself to a mindfulness practice difficult, you’re not alone – you can try a different approach, adjust your practice method, explore possible barriers, and look for support as you discover the language of meditation.

Remember that when you learn a language, you can measure your progress – by, say, the number of new words you know. You can’t measure progress in meditation so easily, if at all, because meditation invites you to stop searching for progress. Meditation is about being exactly where you are right now, and exploring the landscape, enjoying the scenery and being as you are, whatever that means for you. No matter how long you’ve been meditating, the present moment is always the same, and yet always fresh, new and full of possibilities.

Your Task for Week One

Understanding automatic pilot! You operate on an automatic pilot far more than you may think. You may have experienced driving a car for a significant time before realizing you were lost in thoughts, worries or daydreams.
This may be okay for a little while, but if your whole life is run automatically, you miss the show. Your mind thinks the same old thoughts, you may react unnecessarily when things don’t go your way, and your stress is compounded without you being fully aware of this process. Mindful awareness, as opposed to automatic pilot, allows for the possibility of responding to situations by offering you choice, a freedom from the mechanical, reactive habitual patterns of your mind.

Thank you for your attention, now it´s time to get started!
Start today! Start now!