Mokshala | Why past is so damn important?
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Why past is so damn important?

Why past is so damn important?

Want to start living life you actually desire but don’t know where to start from?
There is so much information about this question out there, but it seems that something is still missing. Something that actually matters a lot and makes the process of transformation achievable. What could it be? Lack of motivation, you might guess. That is certainly correct, if there’s no motivation backing your goal, you’ll be destined to fail. Simple. But what if there is a huge motivation, clear goal to achieve, but there is still something that holds you back and makes you fail every time you are willing to try. This something my dears is your past. Yes, I will say it once again in case you didn’t get it: the only thing that stops you from living your dream is your past!

Forget about your past! There are certain things in our lives that we must forget. One important thing that we must forget is any past failure that we may have had. Our past failures are things that we cannot do nothing about, and that’s why we should forget about them (step by step, one failure at a time, as it is an ever changing dynamic process) and begin to move forward.

Our past failures had restricted our dreams and thus suppressed our expectations in reaching them. It must be realised we cannot go to the next chapter until we finish the previous one. We must first learn to see ourselves in our dream.

If we want to unleash our dormant potential, we must consider all things in the past as the past without looking back. It is time to establish a forward looking life. You have to clarify what is that you want and think thoroughly how you are going to get it.

Clarifying what you want will set in motion the necessary tools (events, situations, acquaintances, people) that will put you on the path to unstoppable power to success. Your confidence begins to rise and you begin to realise natural abilities coming to assist you in creating greater success for your life.

The last and most important, you become a completely different person (great things create bunch of positive changes) when you know where you’re going.