Mokshala | Becoming a Thought Detector
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Becoming a Thought Detector

Becoming a Thought Detector

Thoughts powerfully influence our emotions. At the same time, our feelings also influence your thoughts. In order to battle anxiety, you need to be aware of both your thoughts and feelings. How, you ma ask? Very simple. Whatever you focus on, may it be your obligations at work, plans for dinner or just a rainy forecast for tomorrow, it is your choice how to perceive that focus and pay your thoughts an attention.

Let´s say you are not pleased with the wet forecast for tomorrow as it supposed to be a nice sunny day and you have already planned  the whole day itinerary for that matter and it seems that your romantic picnic or family day out in the park won´t happen again.

Negative thoughts start to come up the surface and you will be making an identification process with those thoughts by starting to feel negative. Do you see the connection between these two? Thinking means feeling and feeling means creating certain reality.

My point here is to  show you how to become aware of your feelings and thoughts as well as the events that connect them. The goal is to become a thought detective, able to uncover the thoughts that contribute to anxious feelings.

Wish to see some proofs? Go get them! They are right in front of you! Just think about something and you´ll be instantly caught by the power of identification with emotions that arise from your thoughts! Catch them quickly and don´t let them take you down! On the contrary, be smarter this time and recreate the whole experience by simply changing your perception towards the object, in other words, change the way you think of it and make it 100% positive!